An ambition that of Terre di Raffaello,
to include special people in our company”

Terre di Raffaello is a unique social farm, born from the need to create a community where the inclusion and work of people with disabilities is perfectly integrated in a real working context..

The project will include an important botanical garden and a farm that will produce raw materials for our compotes and meet the needs of the agritourism that will be created within it.

This ambitious but clear vision, has already come to life through activities that are closely interconnected and, as happens in nature, live in perfect balance.

Seeing our ideas
shine in other projects

Prerogative of Terre di Raffaello is the word “Replicable,” thinking of other farms that can follow our same path and create other farms with inclusion of special kids.

Our goal is

to help create real, ongoing and concrete job opportunities for the empowerment of young people thus enabling them to build future opportunities for themselves.

One among the first projects already in motion is that of natural compote production, which, in its simplicity, brought the boys into direct contact with a working reality they had never before faced.

Each stage of development saw them as protagonists:

  • for example, through the search for and collection of seasonal fruits, they did physical labor;
  • with sorting the best parts they tried their hand at manual one;
  • with labeling they engaged with the practical part;
  • with selling they engaged with the commercial and social part.

Like all people who deal with the land, our boys are also proud men.

They want to support themselves
with the fruits of their labor.

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